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Hornil StylePix User Manual > Concepts > Selections


The selection is divided into object selection and region selection. The object selection is to select one or more objects for manipulation. The region selection is to select areas of the active layer.

Object Selection

If you want to select one or more objects, you can use Select And Move tool. When you select one or more objects with the Select And Move tool, you see a bounding box that indicates the size of each object.

A bounding box is a rectangle with eight resizing handles that represents an object’s vertical and horizontal dimensions and four rotating handles. Resizing handles are appeared middle of side and corner of bounding box. And, rotating handles are appeared out of corners.

Select one object

The above sample image shows selected object with a bounding box. The below sample image shows selected two objects with entire bounding box includes two bounding area.

Select two objects

[Download - SampleSelections.tsp]

Selecting multiple objects

  • Ctrl key + left click or drag area.
  • Shift + left click

Selecting previous & next object

  • To select the next object: press Tab key
  • To select the previous object: press Shift + Tab keys

To select all or Deselect

  • To select all: press Ctrl + A keys
  • To deselect all: press Ctrl + D keys

Region Selection

The regin selection is parts of an image, selected part in Hornil StylePix is highlighted by an animated dashed line. The region selection is only used in image object. But, You can use other objects after rasterizing.

The region selection is managed by region tool such as select auto region, shape region and lasso tool. Before you use the region tools, you need to learn the basic concept of region selection.

  • Selection Mode

    You can make a region selection by following several modes:

    • New Selection

      By default, New Selection mode is applied. New Selection mode will cause any existing selection to be cleared or replaced when the new selection is created.

    • Add Mode

      Add mode will cause the new selection to be added to the existing region selection.

    • Subtract Mode

      Subtract mode will remove the new selection area from the existing region selection.

    • Intersect Mode

      Intersect mode will make a new selection from the area where the existing region selection and the new selection region overlap.


    Some selection modes are changed temporarily by keyboard shortcuts.

    • Add Mode: Shift key
    • Subtract Mode: Alt key
  • Softness

    The softness represents smooth of the boundary of the region selection.

    The below sample image shows the appearance that the outer area of the pictures is erased when the softness is 20.

  • Modification

    The existing region selection is modificated by three operaions: Border, Expand, and Contract. The following image shows the applied these operations.