Hierarchy (Layer)

Hornil StylePix supports four object type and group object. Each object appear as a layer in hierarchy. The Hierarchy allows you to manage layers and their attributes.

Add a new layer

  • Click the Object > New Image Layer ( Ctrl + Shift + N ).
  • Click the New Image button on Hierarchy.

Duplicating a layer

  1. Select the layers in the Hierarchy window.
  2. Click the Object > Duplicate ( Ctrl + Shift + D ) or click the Duplicate after right click the layer.

Changing layer order

  1. Position the mouse pointer over the layer you wish to move in the Hierarchy.
  2. Push and hold the mouse button.
  3. Drag the layer up or down to the desired location.
  4. Release the mouse button at the desired position.

Deleting a layer

  • Click the Edit > Delete ( Del ).
  1. Right click the desired layer.
  2. Click the Delete button on Hierarchy.