4.12.2020 StylePix Pro
  • The snap function has been extended.
    • Snap functionality is now available for crop, region, shape and path tools.
    • Changed the key to exclude the snap from the existing Control key to Alt key.
  • Added Ruler to the viewer's View menu.
5.16.2017 StylePix Pro
  • Fixed an issue that caused the screen to look strange after drawing shapes.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the program to open slowly.
  • Fixed an issue that the program crashes when resizing.
  • Added align and opacity functions to the batch processing.
  • Changed clip's default path.

2.26.2017 StylePix Pro

All in one

Image viewer, browser, editor, batch processing and capture program are integrated into one. Now with StylePix Pro, you do not need anything else.


New UI

Improved the UI to incorporate all functionality and work more organically. Toolbars only show what is needed depending on the situation. All windows and tools are adjusted according to DPI. The new UI can also be used properly on 2-in-1 devices.


If you have a 1.0 license, you can continue to use it.

7.10.2016 StylePix Pro Beta
  • Fixed a bug that the height of the Confirm Close Window does not calculate correctly.
  • Improved the Clone Brush to display the size of the brush.
  • Fixed the strange layout issues in Option dialog.
  • Fixed a bug that the background of menu and recent files list was moved when scrolling.
  • Fixed a bug that the icon of Home Window does not match the skin color.
  • Fixed a bug that the size of color window does not adjust when resizing it.
  • Fixed a bug that shortcuts don't work in the Task List Window.
  • Fixed a bug that the Color Window don't fold.
  • Fixed a bug that the Switch window closes when pressing Ctrl+Tab twice.
  • Fixed a bug that the preset function does not work in Eraser.
4.19.2016 StylePix Pro Beta
  • Fixed some bugs
1.1.2016 StylePix Pro Beta
  • Added a home screen that helps user to select task to do and see news.
  • New frames for each task(Browse, Edit, View, Batch Process)
  • All windows and tools are adjusted according to the DPI.
  • Toolbars have been readjusted to simply look.
  • Supports zoom and pan events in the edit window.
12.8.2014 StylePix Pro
  • Fixed the problem that the Set Wallpaper function did not work.
  • Fixed the bug the program crash when the grop was selected in the Hierarcy dialog.
  • Added align functions between the vertexes of paths.
  • Added a remove function of previous and next handles of vertex in the Path tool.
  • Improved a algorithm of the smooth function in the Path tool.
  • Improved a path tool to be more natural when a new vertex is added on the existed path line.
9.3.2014 StylePix Pro
  • Fixed bugs that the imported image disappears when moving the position of it in the batch process mode.
  • Fixed bug that the program crashed when trying to open the unsupported PSD file.
6.27.2014 StylePix Pro
  • Fixed bugs that the program moved outside of the monitor when you resize it at the edge of the window.
  • Now supports French.
  • Improved the context menu in the internal image browser.
5.13.2014 StylePix Pro
  • Fixed the problem caused by EXIF errors.
  • Added a Facebook upload function to the File menu.
  • Added nine filters like following.
  • Improved filter's icon to present how to apply the selected filter on current layer.
  • Fixed a simple mistake that the Options text did not localization in Slideshow's context menu.
4.09.2014 StylePix Pro
  • Fixed bug that the title bar of the Hierarchy window did not appear.
  • Fixed bug that the layout settings did not saved.
  • Fixed bugs that some file format did not read.
3.14.2014 StylePix Pro
  • Added a command option to open the image in a process with the /m option.
  • Improved a status bar UI.
3.10.2014 StylePix Pro
  • Changed the default language to English.
  • Removed the automatically translated languages.
  • Changed the maximum image size to 10,000 x 10,000.
  • Does not use the registry for saving settings and etc.
  • Fixed bugs that the image did not rotated in the slideshow.
  • Added a menu to link to Inspiration Browser in Help.
2.14.2014 StylePix Pro
  • Fixed internal licensing issues.
2.13.2014 StylePix Pro
  • Fixed the shortcut problems in dialogs.
  • Fixed the problem of the cropping tools in the batch process.
2.7.2014 StylePix Pro 1.14.2
  • Added a crop function in the batch process. You can remove margins after adjusting the width and height.
  • Fixed problems that the next and previous functions does not work sometimes in the slideshow.
  • Fixed problems that the tool does not active and deactive while chanding the tabs with the batch process tab.
1.20.2014 StylePix Pro 1.14.1
  • Fixed the bug that the scroll bar of the hierarchy window did not work properly.
  • Fixed bugs that the undocked window did not keep there size.
  • Fixed the bug that the custom values of the crop tool was displayed as zero after changed from user.
  • Fixed the bug that the Open from clipboard feature did not work with shortcuts.
  • Fixed shape tool's problem that the control lines did not invalidate with the Snap to grid and guide functions.
  • Fixed the bugs that users could draw shapes on a locked layer.
11.21.2013 StylePix Pro
  • Fixed bugs that the program did not save to Tiff file format.
  • Fixed Exif issue.
  • Fixed bugs that the canvas did not refresh after applying the styles.
  • Fixed the problem that the combo box of typeface did not sort.
  • Fixed the bug that the typeface did not select after selecting the text object.
  • Fixed the problem that the Snap to grid functions did not work correctly.
11.1.2013 StylePix Pro
  • Fixed bugs that the gradation controller did not invalidate after the color choose window disappeared.
  • Fixed bugs that the reset function did not work in the Batch Process.
  • Changed the default settings of the Batch Process.
10.31.2013 StylePix Pro
  • Fixed bugs that tooltips did not appear in the Tool Options panel.
  • Fixed bugs that the features to select the foreground color and background color in the Edit tool did not work.
  • Fixed bugs that the vlaue of gamma filter could not be adjusted by slider controller.
  • Added a context menu in the crop tool. You can do some functions from the context menu after selecting the crop area.
  • Fixed bugs that the some parts of the UI was not distinguishing from others when you have created a darker skin.
  • Applied a gradient to the button to better distinguish it well.
10.16.2013 StylePix Pro
  • Fixed batch processing bugs.
10.9.2013 StylePix Pro 1.14.0
  • The user interface is redesigned with a flat style.
  • Improved the usability. The Property sheet is applied to the Tool Options and Filter's panel. The size of the controllers in property sheet is changed dramatically.
  • The duplicate function is added in the Hierarchy's tool bar.
  • Fixed the bugs that the region selection information did not appear correctly.
  • Added a information for crop tool in the status bar when using the region tool.
  • Fixed the bug that the color of shape did not changed by color panel.
  • Fixed the bug that the favorites did not saved in the built-in image viewer.
  • We fixed bugs that some context menu did not appeared correctly.
8.28.2013 StylePix Pro
  • Improvements
    • The text tool has been modified to prevent that the child layer is not selected when the parent layer is locked.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed some bugs in the region tool.
8.20.2013 StylePix Pro
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed flip bugs.
    • Fixed bugs that toolbars did not update after selecting region selection or layers.
    • Fixed bug that the copy function with the Ctrl key did not work properly in the region tools
8.14.2013 StylePix Pro
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed bugs that the program did not close properly in some cases.
7.24.2013 StylePix Pro
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed bugs that program was crashed when saving the file to jpg file format in a specific environment. This bug was caused by some old processors such as the AMD Athlon did not support the SSE2.
7.22.2013 StylePix Pro 1.13.0
  • New features
    • Added a read and delete functions of EXIF. But now program can not handle all the EXIF data. The EXIF handling feature is going to be updated continuously.
    • Added a feature to rotate image based on image's orientation information of EXIF. You can use this feature in internal image viewer and batch process.
    • Added the RGB filter that changes the color to a different color. The RGB filter can be used in the batch process.
    • Added a feature to maintain a resolution information of jpg file.
  • Improvements
    • Chaged the usages of filter feature in the batch process and added some filters.
    • In order to protect user's data, preset file folder is changed to user's document folder. To delete all user data, delete the folder named with the name of the product in the "My documents" folder.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed bugs that the selection function did not work correctly sometimes when you select multiple layers with the Shift key in the Hierarchy window.
    • Fixed bugs that the previous settings of the Shape tool were restored after cancel the work.
    • Fixed alpha processing problem in gaussian blur filter.
    • Fixed problem of function to add the selected files in internal image viewer to the list of the Batch Process when the Batch Process tab was not created.
    • Fixed problems that the file association feature did not work correctly.
    • Fixed other minor bugs.
5.21.2013 StylePix Pro
  • Fixed activating issues.
5.20.2013 StylePix Pro
  • Fixed problems that the text tool didn't work in the batch processor.
  • Fixed bugs that the mouse did not work properly.
  • Fixed issues that the position of scrollbars was initiated by turning on or off of the display selection function.
  • Fixed bugs that the cut or delete functions did not work properly in the text tool.
5.11.2013 StylePix Pro - This is an emergency patch.
  • Fixed bugs that could not change the name of the layer in Hierarchy window.
  • Improved usability of the keyboard shortcuts to work in Hierarcy window
5.8.2013 StylePix Pro 1.12.3
  • Improvements
    • The feature of Quick switch to dropper tool has been removed.
    • Improved the Italian translation.
    • Removed the some problems that can occur in checking updates.
    • Improved the functionality of paste feature to be placed on the inside of the canvas.
    • Improved selection displaying.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed problem that changes did not applied when you change the size of an image in the Image Size Dialog.
    • Fixed bugs that some shorcuts did not work in the Hierarchy window.
    • Fixed bug the Eraser tool did not work for the first time.
    • Fixed bugs that the Brush tool did not operate normally with a rotation option.
    • Fixed bugs the size of selected path objects did not changed by the Select and Move tool.
    • Fixed bugs that the preview of tool did not invalidate after changing the tool from the Shape tool to the Select and Move tool.
    • Fixed bugs that the preview of tool did not changed after changing the values of the Stroke and Fill.
    • Fixed bugs that some preset panel did not disappear after deselecting it.
    • Fixed problems that the layout of tool options dislocated when changing the size of it.
    • Fixed problems that the Batch Process tab was focused after making new image.
    • Fixed bugs that the paste feature did not work correctly with the Batch Processing Tab.
    • Fixed prolbmes of pivot feature of the Select and Move tool.
    • Fixed bugs that the Delete key did not work in the Text tool.
4.3.2013 StylePix Pro 1.12.2
  • Improvements
    • Now supports 63 languages.
      (Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh)
    • Improved the appearance of the text in combobox to be better.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed bugs that some shortcuts did not work.
    • Fixed bugs some undo and redo feature did not work.
    • Fixed bugs that tool option panel did not update after undoing.
    • Fixed bug that font family combobox did not update correctly after refreshing.
    • Fixed bugs that the program crashed when you changed the window to the batch processing window from edit window with some tools like a brush tool.
    • Fixed bugs that the Bevel and emboss style did not work correctly.
    • Fixed problems that the anti-aliasing feature did not work with the Brush Scattering option.
    • Fixed some category issues of preset occurs after upgrading from a previous version.
3.23.2013 StylePix Pro
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed bugs that the program crashed with built-in image viewer.
    • Fixed bugs that the update message displayed after you have completed the update.
3.18.2013 StylePix Pro 1.12.1
  • New features
    • The Filter tool provides a new toolbar that includes the Open, Save and Refresh buttons in bottom of the Tool Options. The Open icon is always enabled and if you select a filter file you want, the filter will be automatically selected in the filter list.
    • Added a option that allows you to select the preferred file format.
    • Added the save and load functions for the batch processing. This feature is provided in a Toolbar located at the top of the batch processing panel. The configuration file extension is spbp(StylePix Batch Process).
    • Added the Close All function in the Close dialog during the closing of two or more documents.
    • Changed the brush image option to be able to use multiple images.
    • Added angle options to the miniature filter.
    • The information of current brush and eraser is saved to a LatestBrush.spb file in your AppData folder.
  • Improvements
    • The appearance of tools on the canvas was improved nicely. The default color of control was changed to blue.
    • Added four buttons in preview panel. You can change the background of preview using these buttons.
    • Improved preset file format. Previous format does not use anymore. The previous format you saved is automatically changed to the new format.
      • Brush: spb (StylePix Brush)
      • Gradation fill: spg (StylePix Gradation fill)
      • Shape: spss (StylePix Stock Shape)
      • Font: sppf (StylePix Preset Font)
      • Style: sps (StylePix Style)
      • Frame: spsf (StylePix Style Frame)

      You can more easily share your preset to others with save and load features. The preset panel also supports drag-and-drop to import presets.

    • Improved snap feature.
      • Supports objects snap, guide snap and grid snap.
    • Improved Ruler: Ruler is moved by 10pixels when the Ctrl key is pressed.
    • The line and curve tools are intergrated with the brush tool.
    • Improved the path tool. You can add a vertex in the existing path when you click the mouse with the Ctrl key. And you can choose a type of vertext between linear and smooth. Also you can change the vertex type to smooth by dragging the vertex with Ctrl key.
      • Added new line and curve tool using the path tool. Now you can draw lines and curves with several options like start cap, end cap, line style, line join and etc.
      • You can draw dash, dot and arrow.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed bugs that the settings of Border, Inner-Shadow, Texture and Round Enable didn't save.
    • Fixed bugs that the type of gradation fill was canged if you choose the gradation fill preset of the style.
    • Fixed bugs that the position of scrollbar was initialized after deleting the files.
    • Fixed bugs that the preceding character of selected word was deleted in the text tool when you delete the selection.
    • Fixed some minor bugs.
2.24.2013 StylePix Pro BETA
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Improved the performance of the filter.
2.14.2013 StylePix Pro BETA
  • Fixed bugs.
2.12.2013 StylePix Pro BETA
  • Fixed bugs.
2.4.2013 StylePix Pro 1.12.0 BETA
10.13.2012 StylePix Pro 1.11.4
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed Defaut Color icon.
    • Modified some texts in the Vintage filter.
    • Fixed Select brightness bug.
10.4.2012 StylePix Pro 1.11.3
  • Bug fixes
    • Blending bugs are fixed.
10.3.2012 StylePix Pro 1.11.2
  • Bug fixes
    • Gradation Fill related bugs are fixed.
9.28.2012 StylePix Pro 1.11.1
  • Bug fixes
    • Some UI bugs are fixed.
9.26.2012 StylePix Pro 1.11.0
  • New features
    • Added a shear transformation to the Select and Move tool.
    • Added layer decorative attributes to distingush layers easily.
    • Added several presets of styles.
    • Added duotone, tritone, gradient map and vintage filters.
    • Added a feature to save and load settings of some filters.
  • Improvements
    • Added the feature to select a picture to be used for a texture style in the internal browser.
    • Improved the status bar to distinguish status more clearly.
    • Improved the zoom feature to zoom in and out the canvas according to the mouse position without settings of the preferences.
    • Modified the zoom feature of the toolbar to act according to the center of the screen.
    • Improved the quality of the shadow and inner glow styles.
    • Improved the settings to remember the selected anchor of the image resize dialog.
    • Changed the context menus of the select tool and the hierarchy window to be simple.
    • Changed the color goes back to the old color when selecting is canceld.
    • Changed the default skin to black.
    • Changed the scrollbars and group box to look good.
    • Improved the number edit controller to display a unit of the value.
    • Added the default button on the right side of the slider controller. If you click the default button, the value of the slider is changed to the default value.
    • Changed the thumbnail window to work with just a mouse click.
    • Changed to maintain the pasted selection.
    • Improved the brush tool to draw an image when clicking on the same points with the direction option.
    • Added an option for closing documents without confirmation. If you do not need to confirm anymore, click the buttons with Shift key.
    • Changed the name of some features to the following:
      • Make Layer Selection -> Select Alpha
      • Make Channel Selection -> Select Brightness
    • Improved an angle controller to select the angle by 15 degrees with the Shift key.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed the zoom-in feature worked without limits.
    • Fixed the newly added favorite folder had not a name that recommended from the program.
    • Fixed the tree did not update after creating a new folder in a built-in image viewer.
    • Fixed the width and height was not calculated correctly when using percentages in the Resize dialog.
    • Fixed bug that the convolution mask of the spatial filter are very difficult to change its value.
    • Fixed the movement action with the shift key does not work.
    • Fixed bugs of incorrect behavior of kerning and tracking of the Text tool.
    • Fixed the scrollbar sometimes had the wrong position.
7.2.2012 StylePix Pro 1.10.0
  • New features
    • Added a feature to save selections and layers.
    • Supports DPI(Dots per inch), And supports inch and centimeter unit in a new image and resize image feature.
  • Improvements
    • Window layout feature has improved.
    • The feature to make a brush has improved. You can make a brush using selection and group object.
    • Added iPhone, Android and paper presets in the New Image dialog.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue that the color you select in the Color Dropper panel doen't change with a Gradation fill tool.
    • Fixed bugs that the selection does not display properly with a specific zoom rate.
    • Fixed bugs that the selected color from the Dropper tool does not correctly on a specific operating system.
    • Fixed problem that the list of typeface combo box disappeared after clicking.
    • Fixed bugs that the hierarchy data of the original image closed after closeing the duplicated window.
    • Fixed bugs that some folder opend on a windows explorer.
    • Fixed bugs that the selection is maked on outside of canvas with auto region tool.
    • Fixed bugs that the action of deselect selection is not added in a action list.
    • Fixed bugs that the program crashed while you make a brush from group object.
    • Fixed bugs that some controllers has an invalid range after applying the HSB filter with a cololorize option.
    • Fixed bugs that the quality property does not work in batch process.
    • Fixed bugs that the paragraph align does not update properly after changing it's value with a select and move tool.
4.9.2012 StylePix Pro 1.9.2
  • Improvements
    • Check box controller's appearance improvements.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bugs that the auto scrolling features didn't work with Select And Movel tool.
    • Fixed bugs that the batch processor didn't work with format type options.
    • Fixed color palette bug.
    • Fixed bugs that the order of copied layers was changed while you duplicate the layers with Ctrl + Alt dragging.
3.19.2012 StylePix Pro 1.9.1
  • Improvements
    • The Cut, Copy and Paste features added in the context menu of the Select and Move tool.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bugs that the last path of the Browser did not save.
    • Fixed bugs that the slideshow did not start in a specific environment.
    • Fixed bugs that the vertically guide line did not work.
    • Fixed bugs that the Straighten feature did not work correctly in the Ruler tool.
    • Fixed bugs that the Rotate Arbitrary feature did not work correctlry.
    • Fixed bugs that the Image Resize feature did not work correctly in a specific environment.
    • Fixed bugs that program did not load some bmp files with a specific format like a 4bits depth.
    • Fixed bugs the type icons of the Gradation fill did not check correctly in the Style panel.
    • Fixed problems that the scrollbars of the MDI's child window are initialized when the parent window activated.
    • Fixed bugs the menu did not display in full screen mode in some operating systems.
    • Fixed bugs the Open with Scanner or Camera did not work in some operating systmes.
    • Fixed problems that the Uninstall information did not remove in the registry.
3.12.2012 StylePix Pro 1.9.0
  • New features
    • Added a new built-in image viewer. more...
    • Added the automatic update checker. Now you don't need to visit the website to check the program. But it's not download the new version. If you want to download the new version, click the menu and download it from website yourself.
    • Added the Color Temperature filter.
  • Improvements
    • To improve user experience the Main tab is redesigned. The Add button has moved to left of the tab. Now you can quickly make the new document continually because the position of the Add button reduce the mouse distance. To same reason the Close button has moved to left. Furthermore, the More button has modified for cooperate with the Switch feature. Now If you want to move to the other document, click the More button on top right of the Main tab.
    • The Browse and Batch tab on top of the Tool Options panel have moved into the Edit toolbar. Also, the Clip and the Font tools in the Browse tab have moved into the Edit toolbar.
    • Some UI controller's appearance improvements.
    • Improved the pop-up color select window that supports select dropped colors.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bugs that the positions of scrollbars was changed in using some tools with screen in an enlarged state.
    • Fixed the Color panel problem with some tools.
    • Fixed the Swith Color feature did not work with Eraser tool.
    • Fixed bugs that the text size did not change through the combo box with typing the keyboard.
    • Fixed problem that the image size did not display correctly in the status bar.
    • Fixed bugs that the crop ratio did not work correctly in situations that crop point started outside the image.
    • Some bug fixes.
11.14.2011 StylePix Pro 1.8.7
  • Improvements
    • Luna UI improvements.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Some bug fixes.
10.03.2011 StylePix Pro 1.8.6
  • New Features
    • Added two shortcuts following:
      • Resize...: Ctrl + Alt + R
      • Canvas Size...: Ctrl + Alt + C
  • Improvements
    • Combo box control is changed to Luna interface.
    • Added copy and paste feature in numeric input controls.
    • Changed appearance of toolbar buttons and color controls.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bugs that the image object did not change properly when the scene object was transformed.
    • Fixed bugs that the inner shadow style did not work in specific angle.
    • Fixed scroll area was not calculated correctly in list controls.
    • Fixed bugs that the list mode did not display properly in Select Image Dialog.
09.05.2011 StylePix Pro 1.8.5
  • New Features
    • Supports the WinTab tablets. Now you can use a tablet with advanced options of Brush tool like rotation, scaling, scattering and opacity.
    • Supports the Arabic user interface. Now StylePix Pro support English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Arabic.
  • Improvements
    • The quality of Brush tool has been improved.
    • StylePix Pro uses the tablet settings you chose in the system. You can use a tablet more conveniently in a dual-monitor environment then previous version.
    • The quality and features of Line tool has been improved. Now you can use a variety advanced options in Line tool like Brush tool.
    • Improved Select and move tool. You can deselect the object from selected objects using the Control key with Select and Move tool.
    • Moved Zoom tools to Thumbnail and added Snap to grid and Snap to Guides in View tools.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bugs that the text objects did not invalidate when you change the alignment of paragraph using Select and Move tool.
    • Fixed bugs that the context menus did not work in text input.
    • Fixed bugs that the batch process did not work when you select the output path to “Sub-folder”.
    • Fixed tablet bugs that pressure levels were sometimes incorrect.
    • Fixed bugs that images can not be identified when the canvas size was reduced with grid.
    • Fixed bugs that the range of some filters were calculated incorrectly.
07.29.2011 StylePix Pro 1.8.4
  • New Features
    • Now you can type Arabic, Urdu, Persian, Thai, Hindi, Tamil, Yiddish and etc.
    • Supports the Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
    • Added bold and italic styles in Text tool.
    • Added cloud brushes and some text styles.
  • Improvements
    • You can change the color of shapes, paths and points of gradation fill by using Color panel and Color Dropper in Tool Options.
    • Improved the quality of brush, text and shape.
    • Prevent movement of pivot when the object's size is small.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bugs that program was crashed after Straighten button is clicked.
    • Fixed bug that some parts did not show when the objects was transformed.
07.01.2011 StylePix Pro 1.8.3
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bugs Live Preview feature didn't work with a styled object.
    • Fixed bugs that the scene doesn't update after resizing and using tools.
    • Fixed bugs some filters that uses the coordinates doen't work properly.
    • Fixed bug the layer's name is changed in unexpected situations.
06.17.2011 StylePix Pro Beta
  • New Features
    • Added auto play feature in slideshow.
  • Improvements
    • Changed the "Slideshow" and "Previous file" icons in Main tools.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the title of groupbox doesn't display correctly.
    • Fixed bugs that the brush options was not changed correctly with the "[" and the "]" keys.
    • Fixed bugs that the style list doesn't invalidate after selecting the layers.
    • Fixed bugs that shape's options doesn't work in Shape tool.
    • Fixed bugs that the program was halted when the slideshow was started in specific path.
    • Fixed bug the program was halted on lanched after closing the program with minimized status.
06.15.2011 StylePix Pro Beta
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bugs occurs undoing after typing the Ctrl + Enter.
    • Fixed bugs that the context menus was popped at incorrect position with key.
    • Fixed bugs that the mouse wheel doesn't work in batch list.
    • Fixed bugs that the blending mode of the gradation fill style and some styles doesn't display correctly and doesn't saved.
    • Fixed bugs occurs while modifying the style of the selections has group objects.
06.06.2011 StylePix Pro Beta
  • New Features
    • Added the Transform panel in Layer tab.
    • Reset transform feature is added. It's available in Menu > Edit > Transform or Layer tab.
  • Improvements
    • Improved the updating speed of tools option panel.
    • Undo is possible after completing the transformation.
    • The statusbar displays the coordinates of the center of the object.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bugs that the statusbar doesn't update immediately when the object was selected in hiereachy.
    • Fixed bugs that the pivot was not moved.
    • Fixed bugs that the coordinates information doesn't update correctly with zoom and rotate blur filters.
06.04.2011 StylePix Pro Beta
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bugs that the docking hint doesn't appeare in a specific environment.
    • Fixed slide-bar controller was acting weird in hierarchy.
    • Fixed zoom blur didn't apply to canvas coordinates.
06.02.2011 StylePix Pro Beta
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bugs occured when to fold the parent folder of the selected item in browser's tree.
    • Fixed bugs that the preset's UI doesn't appear in correct position.
    • Fixed the caret position problem in Polygon panel.
    • Fixed bugs that the scene doesn't update with quick mask and eraser.
    • Fixed bugs that the scene doesn't update when undo in filter list.
    • Fixed bugs that the crop and padding box was not displayed correctly in frame tool.
    • Fixed problems the new added frame was not opened immediately.
    • Fixed problems the texture preset was not delete with related images.
05.31.2011 StylePix Pro Beta
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed bugs that the scene doesn't update when the selection is copied or moved with Ctrl or Alt keys.
    • Fixed bugs that the positions of selection doesn't fit when you delete the selected area with layer styles.
05.25.2011 StylePix Pro Beta
  • StylePix Pro Beta Test Started.