6.27.2014 Hornil Photo Viewer
  • Fixed bugs that the program moved outside of the monitor when you resize it at the edge of the window.
  • Now supports French.
  • Improved the context menu in the internal image browser.
5.13.2014 Hornil Photo Viewer
  • Fixed the problem caused by EXIF errors.
  • Added a Facebook upload function.
4.09.2014 Hornil Photo Viewer
  • Fixed bugs that some file format did not read.
  • Fixed bug that the EXIF info did not refreshed while changing the image in the list.
3.10.2014 Hornil Photo Viewer
  • Changed the default language to English.
  • Removed the automatically translated languages.
  • Added a clicking zoom feature to zoom in and out in the viewmode according to the mouse position.
  • Fixed bugs that the image did not rotated in the slideshow.
  • Changed the showing mode to the view mode after clicking the image in the explorer.
2.12.2014 Hornil Photo Viewer
  • Fixed problems that the next and previous functions does not work sometimes in the slideshow.
1.9.2014 Hornil Photo Viewer
  • Fixed the bug that program shows the alert when you opened the file using "Open with" command in explorer.
  • Fixed some core problems
12.31.2013 Hornil Photo Viewer 1.0
  • Browse images using tree and list.
  • View pictures.
  • Slide show pictures.
  • Rotate and flip pictures.
  • View histogram and waveform of photos.
  • View the EXIF of picture.
  • Convert image file to other file format.
  • Open a picture in another program like StylePix.
  • Print a picture.
  • Supoorts fullscreen view.
  • Acquire image form clipboard.
  • Supports png, jpg, tif, bmp, ico, jpc, pcx, tga, tif, ico, jpc, jp2, pcx, pgx, pnm, pgm, ppm, ras, ska, wmf and tsp file formats.