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Windows Desktop Apps

Hornil StylePix Pro - Photo & Image Editor

Hornil StylePix Pro has more features like quick mask, layer mask, image brush and layer style for advanced work than StylePix.

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Hornil StylePix - Photo & Image Editor

Hornil Stylepix is a free graphics editing program. It's lightweight and powerful photo editor with professional tools.

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Hornil StyleCapture - Smart Screen Capture Program.

StyleCapture is a smart screen capture program. It allows you to easily capture anything on your screen including windows, rectangular area and full-screen. You can then paste the screen capture into a document, e-mail message, other file, or StylePix.

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Hornil Photo Viewer - Image Viewer for Windows.

Hornil Photo Viewer is a lightweight image viewer that lets you view your pictures, display all pictures in folders as a slide show and perform basic editing tasks.

* Free for home users

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Hornil Photo Resizer - Batch Image Processor.

Hornil Photo Resizer is a batch image processor for Windows that intends to enable users to convert, rename, resize, rotate, add watermarks to images.

* Free for home users

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Windows Store Apps

Screen Display Dead Pixel Test

Dead Pixel Test helps you to find the dead pixels of the screen.

Inspiration Browser

Inspiration Browser provides a collection of visual design inspiration related to graphic design, web design, architecture design, industrial design, logo and typography design and more.

Web Apps

Hornil Photo Crop - Crop your pictures online.

Crop and change the aspect ratio of your images online.

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Hornil Photo Grayscale - To grayscale and black and white picture converter.

Convert photo to Black and white, Grayscale and Sepia online.

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Hornil Color Scheme - Create a color scheme

Hornil Color Scheme is a designer tool for creating color schemes to create good-looking and well balanced color design.

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Hornil Photo Duotone

Convert an image and photo to Duotone online..

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iPhone & iPad Apps

Where is it? (toddler)

Where Is It? is a educational game for toddlers. Toddlers can learn various things themselves through playing this game with a toddler friendly UI.

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Profile Image Editor

Profile Image Editor is a simple image editor for fitting the profile picture in a box with aspect ratio

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