Status Bar

The status bar is an information area of mainframe window. Most of the message is displayed in the status bar.

The status bar is located at the bottom of the application.

To display the status bar, choose View > Window > Status bar.

The status bar is divided into following six sections, each of which shows different information.

Status Bar
  1. Status Message

    This section displays information about the current state of active window.

  2. Progress

    This section shows the progress of the loading of image or the applying of filters.

  3. Image Size

    This section shows the size of current image.
    Example: width x height ARGB. ARGB is an acronym for Alpha Red Green Blue.

  4. Cursor Location

    This section displays the current cursor location.

  5. Selected Region Size

    This section shows the width and height of the selections or mouse dragging area.

  6. Color information under the cursor

    This section displays the color information under cursor location.