Hornil StylePix is consisted of twelve parts: Menu Bar, Main tools, Object tools, View tools, Edit tools, Canvas, Tool Options, Thumbnail, Histogram, Action list, Hierachy and Status bar. Each part is labeled below:


The screenshot above shows the default arrangement of Hornil StylePix windows.

  1. Menu bar

    The Menu bar allows you to access all commands in Hornil StylePix. The Menu bar consists of eight top-level menus: File, Edit, Image, Object, Filter, View, Window and Help.

  2. Canvas tab
  3. Edit tools

    Edit tools are primary Hornil StylePix functions. This where the active tool is highlighted, and where you may choose from other tools.

  4. Tool options

    Tool options shows options available for the currently active tool.

  5. Main tools

    The Main tools is consisted of some frequently used commands from the menu bar.

  6. View tools

    The View tools is consisted of some frequently used commands from the view menu.

  7. Transform tools

    The Object tools contains commands related the object such as rotation, z-index ordering, to arranging the current active objects.

  8. Thumbnail

    Thumbnail shows how much of the image is displayed, and what part of it.

  9. Histogram

    Histogram is a graphical display of tabulated color frequencies that appear in an image.

  10. Action list

    The action list tracks what actions you have taken. It provides a list of undo steps.

  11. Hierachy

    The hierachy allows you to manage layers and their attributes.

  12. Canvas

    The currently active image(s). You can edit images or photos in here.

  13. Status bar

    The status bar is an information area of StylePix. Most of the message is displayed in status bar.


Each part in workspace without menu bar is dockable. Below sample image shows hierachy window is undocked from origianl position by mouse drag.


Undocked window can be anchored in dockable area that is marked in dark blue.


To prevent the dragging window docked into the frame window press Ctrl key.

Showing/Hiding windows

  • To hide the window, press x button on title bar of each window
  • To show the window, choose the wanted window from Window View > Window menu.
  • also you can select the window from the pop-up menu that is activated on empty area of the tool bar.

To reset layout

  • Choose the Window > Reset Layout from the menu.

  • To hide or show tool options panel or heirachy window except the Main Tool Bar and Status Bar, press F3 or F4.
  • To fullscreen mode, press F11.

Adjust window skin