Shape Region Icon Shape Region Tool

The shape region tool consist of the rectangular region tool and the elliptical region tool. These tools are used to make rectangular and elliptical selections of the active layer.

To start the Shape Region tool

  • Choose Edit > Tool > Shape Region > Rectangular or Elliptical from the menu.
  • Click icon or icon in the tools panel.
  • Press M, Shift + M keys.

Tool Options

Making Selections

To create a selection with a Shape Region Tool, simple hold down your mouse button over the active image area, and drag out your shape. Below figure shows how to make selection with the Rectangular Region Tool.

Rectangular Region
Elliptical Region

To move the selection, see Moving Region selections.

  • Squre or Circular

    When making selections with the Rectangular Region Tool or Elliptical Region Tool, it’s possible to make perfect square and circular selections by holding shift key down when drawing our your selection.

  • Mouse Point Centered...

    Pressing the Ctrl key after starting your selection, and holding it down until you are finished, causes your starting point to be used as the center of the selected rectangle, instead of a corner.