Flood Fill Icon Flood Fill

The Flood Fill tool allows you to fill the area with the foreground color.

To start the Flood Fill tool

  • Choose Edit > Tool > Flood Fill from the menu.
  • Click icon in the tools panel.
  • Press F key.

Fill similar colors

If the region selection is not existed, this tool fills the area near the pixel onto you clicked. To fill the area, simply you left click on wanted point.

The above and below image show the appearance of filled area under the bucket pointer on image.

Fill region selection

If the region selection is existed, this tool fills the area in the region selection.


  • Tolerance

    The Tolerance slider sets the level at which color weights are measured for fill boundaries.

    The following image shows the appearance by three different tolerance settings: 100, 200 and 500. A higher setting will fill more of a multi colored image and conversely, a lower setting will fill less area.

  • Blending

    Blending in Flood Fill tool is used to determine the filled color is blended into the layer like the blending option in the brush tool. For more details about Blending, see Blending Modes.