Crop Icon Crop Tool

The Crop Tool is used to crop or clip an image. It works on all the layers of the image, visible and invisible.

To start the Crop tool

  • Choose Edit > Tool > Crop from the menu.
  • Click icon in the tools panel.
  • Press C key.


Option Tools in Crop Tool


It provides several useful ratio preset such as 4 x 3 half card. Preset is divided landscape and portrait. The landscape contains the presets relating to device that has longer horizontal axis than vertical axis such as HDTV, Widescreen and etc. Conversely, portrait contains the presets that often used in portrait.

If you select one of the presets,custome values are auto setted and the with or height is automatically adjusted according to preset's ratio.

Auto ratio

The position or size of crop box is adjusted by keys.

  • Keyboard directions: Move to direction by 1 pixel.
  • Ctrl + Keyboard directions: Increase width or height by 1 pixel.
  • + Shift: Increase amound of movement or size by 10 pixels.