Browse Images

The Browse Images lets you easily explore the images before open an image. Also you can open, copy, delete, and rename the images or directories with Browse Images tool.

To start the Browse Images tool

  • Choose Edit > Tool > Browse from the menu.
  • Click icon in the tools panel.
  • Press O key.

Tool Options

The Browse Images is consisted of tree view, tool bar, and thumbnail preview.

Browse Images
  • Tree View

  • Tool Bar

    • Parent Folder

      The Parent Folder command allows you to go to parent folder.

    • Create New Folder

      The Create New Folder command create new folder in current path.

    • Refresh

      The Refresh command refreshes the thumbnail preview.

    • Delete

      The Delete command lets you delete current selected files or directories.

    • Add Batch List

      The Add Batch List command allows you to add current selected files to batch processing list.

    • Go to my document folder

    • Go to my picture folder

  • Thumbnail Preview

    • You can open the file by drag and drop or double clicking it.