Running Hornil StylePix

You start Hornil StylePix either by clicking on an icon StylePix Icon, or by typing StylePix.exe on a command line. Hornil StylePix supports multiple instances at the same time.

Command Line Arguments

Hornil StylePix can accept any number of arguments form the command line. This allows you to specify configuration information when the Hornil StylePix is launched.

To use the command line options, you have to put them in the command line which you use to start Hornil StylePix as

StylePix.exe [Option...][File Path...]

  • /nosplash

    This option will cause the splash screen to be hide at startup.

  • /English

    This option will cause the program to be run in english.

  • /Korean

    This option will cause the program to be run in korean.

To hide the splash screen at startup, you would run it like this:

  • StylePix.exe /nosplash

Supported File Formats

  • TSP

    This is the Hornil StylePix format, which retains all information does not utilize compression.