The Window menu contains commands relating to the arranging of windows and supports methods to switch between canvas windows.

Window Menu
  • New

    The New command opens new window that has same viewpoint to current active canvas window.

  • The cascade, tile vertically, and tile horizontal command arranges the windows such as following:

  • Cascade

  • Tile Vertically

  • Tile Horizontally

  • Arrange Icons

    Arranges minimized canvas windows.

  • Switch...

    To switch between canvas windows, press Ctrl + Tab keys. If you want to go back, press Ctrl + Shift + Tab keys. If you press the above-mensioned keys, the switch window such as the below is poped. Then, if you want to select next canvas, press the Tab key.

  • Opened window...

    The opend window under the Switch... command shows list of currently opened images. If you select one of them, switch to current active window.