The View menu allows you to control the visibility of various windows and canvas options such as grid, guide and ruler.

View Menu
  • Window

    This menu contains commands that show or hide the workspace's windows.

    View > Window
  • Zoom

    To zoom in/out, you can choose In (Ctrl + +), Out (Ctrl + -) commands or scroll the wheel of mouse. The below image shows three diffrent zoom modes: Actual Size, Window Fit, Width Fit and Height Fit.

  • Ruler/Grid/Guide

    The Ruler, grid and guide help you to edit. You can show/hide these you need. For more details about ruler, grid and guide, see the canvas.

  • Histogram

    This allows you to change the histogram mode. For more details, see the Histogram.

  • Slide Show

    This allows you to start slideshow. For more details, see the Slide Show.

  • Full Screen

    This allows you to chage the workspace for full-screen mode.

  • Option

    This allows you to open the option dialog box. For more details, see the Option.