The File menu contains commands relating to the handling of file, print, browse and wallpaper.

File Menu
  • New (Ctrl + N)

    The new command allows you to create a new image or picture. Default values are auto generated, but you can change anything you want. The below image shows the "New Picture" dialog.

    The "New Picture" dialog

    If you want to remain the ratio between width and height check the "Keep Aspect Rate" checkbox.

    • Basically new image has a background layer. However if you set the background color to "Transparent", new image will have a normal layer without the background layer.
    • If clipboard has a image, the width and height is automatically set to size of the clipboard image.
  • Open... (Ctrl + O)

    The open command allows you to open images form the common open dialog box.

  • Open From

    The open from command allows you to open an image from the clipboard or other device such as scanner or camera. If the clipboard is empty or device is not existed, the command is disabled.

    • To open an image from the clipboard into a new canvas, press Ctrl + Shift + V.
  • Open Recent

    The open recent command allows you to open an image that was opened with Hornil StylePix. The default size of recent file list is sixteen. If you want to change the default number of the list, see the Option > Document.

  • Save (Ctrl + S)

    The save command allows you to save an active image on canvas into a file.

    • Saving as JPEG

      When you save a file in JPEG format, a dialog is displayed that asking you to set the compression level, which ranges from 0 to 100. The default quality of 90 usually produces excellent results, but in many cases it is possible to set the quality substantially lower without noticeably degrading the image.

      The JPEG Save Options dialog
  • Save As...

    The save as command allows you to save the current image specifing a new name and extension.

  • Save A Copy

    The save copy command is like to save as command but this is not change the previous settings. Therefore if you want to save the file for intermediate results, this command will be useful.

  • Close (Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4)

    The close command allows you to close currently active canvas window.

  • Close All (Ctrl + Shift + W)

    The close all command allows you to close all canvas window.

  • Print (Ctrl + P)

  • Shortcut: Ctrl + P

    The print command allows you to print your image using the built-in Windows printing user interface.

  • Browse

    These commands let you browse images.

    • Previous File (Ctrl + PgUp)

      This command allows you to change the image of current active canvas for previous file.

    • Next File (Ctrl + PgDn)

      This command allows you to change the image of current active canvas for next file.

    • Delete File (Del)

      This command allows you to delete the current active image.

    • Find Current File

      This command retrieves the currently active image, and gives the location indicated on the browse list.

    • Browse Images Commands

      Parent folder, New Folder, Refresh, Delete, Add to Batch list, Go to My Document folder, Go to My Picture folder

      For more details, see Browse Images.

    • The sort order is a alphabetical of the file name.
  • Batch Process...

    The batch process command allows you to change the workspace for batch processing. For more details, see the Batch Process.

  • Set as Wallpaper

    These commands let you set the current image as desktop background.

    • Tile: tiles the image on the desktop.
    • Center: centers the image on the desktop.
    • Stretch: scales the image to the desktop.
  • Exit

  • The exit command allows you to exit Hornil StylePix. If pictures are not saved before exiting program, you are asked whether to save.