Keyboard Shortcuts

All the tools are accessible by following: Many commands are accessible via the keyboard. Hornil StylePix do not distinguish Uppercase or lowercase letters. For example, you can access the Select And Move tool via either s key or S key.

Key Only

Following are consisted of only one key. Each tool in tools panel is accessible in anywhere. but in text tool or controller such as text box or combobox, shortcut is not available without Esc key.

Ctrl + Key

Ctrl + Shift + Key

Command Shortcut
New Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Open From Clipboard Ctrl + Shift + V
Close Ctrl +W
Close All Ctrl + Shift + W
Browse Images O
Previous File View Ctrl + Page up
Next File View Ctrl + Page down
Delete File Ctrl + Del
Cut Ctrl + X
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Move And Select S
Select Auto Region A
Shape Region M
Change Shape Region Shift + M
To Change Add Mode Shift
To Change Remove Mode Alt
To Change Intersect Mode
Lasso Tool L
Change Lasso Region Shift + L
Transform Tool Ctrl + T
Color Dropper Tool D
Brush B
Eraser E
Increse Brush Size ]
More Increse Brush Size Shift + ]
Decrease Brush Size [
More Decrease Brush Size Shift + [
Increase Brush Edge Ctrl + ]
More Increase Brush Edge Ctrl + Shift + ]
More Decrease Brush Edge Ctrl + Shift + [
Clone Brush K
Spray Y
Flood Fill F
Gradation Fill G
Restore Tool R
Change Restore Tool
(Remove Scratch / Remove Red Eye)
Shift + R
Enhance Tool N
Change Enhance Tool
(Burn / Dodge / Blur / Sharpen)
Shift + N
Path P
Draw Line I
Change Draw Line
(Line / Curve)
Shift + I
Draw Shape H
Chage Draw Sahpe
(Rectangle / Circle)
Shift + H
Text T
Set Default Color
(Foreground Color / Background Color)
Swap Foreground and Background Colors X
Show/Hide Left Bar F3
Zoom In Ctrl + +
More Zoom In Ctrl + Shift +
Zoom Out Ctrl + -
More Zoom Out Ctrl + Shift + -
Scroll Image Space bar
Window Fit Size
Actual Size
Show/Hide Ruler Ctrl + R
Show/Hide Grid Ctrl + H
Show/Hide Guide Ctrl + U
New Image Layer Ctrl + Shift + N
Insert Image Ctrl + Shift + O
Make Group Ctrl + G
UnGroup Ctrl + Shift +G
Merge Objects Ctrl + E
Merge Visible Ctrl + Shift + E
Brint to Top Ctrl + F
Send to Upper Ctrl + Shift + F
Send to Lower Ctrl + B
Bring to Bottom Ctrl + Shift + B
Show/Hide Hierachy F4
Start Slide Show F5
Show Filter List F9
Show Option F10
Full Screen F11
Escape Esc