• Spatial Filters

    Spatial filters is set of spatial filters that uses the convolution mask for filtering the image.


    Spatial filters's options are consisted of following four parts: Preset, Convlolution Mask, Additional Operation, Enhance.

    • Preset

      Preset is set of filters that has unique convolution mask. By default, about 30 kinds of filters are provided.

    • Convolution Mask

      Convolution mask is defined by an n by n matrix. Currently only 3 x 3 matrix is supported.

    • Addtional Operation

      Addtional Operation is used to detect edge or error of the image.

    • Enhance

      Enhance is used to addtion the result of filtering image to the original image.




    Edge Detection

    Prewitt Edge Detection

    Laplacian Edge Detection

    Line Emphasis