This section provides an brief introduction to the basic concepts and terminology.


The canvas is a place for drawing or edting images by several tools. In Hornil StylePix, a lot of canvas can be opened at the same time. For more details, see the Canvas.


In Hornil StylePix, a picture, photograph or a part of them are called a image.


An object is any visible element on a canvas, such as an imported or drawn image, path, text or shape. Each object can be edited by several tools. Before you can modify an object, you must select it using a select and move tool.

Hornil StylePix supports four object type and group object for managing. Each object appears as a layer in the hierachy window.

  • Image Object

    The image object is a raster graphic, such as an imported picture or photo and other drawn pictures.

  • Shape Object

    The shape object is a vector graphic. The rectangular and elliptical shapes can be drawn with vector graphic. This object can be converted to a image object.

  • Text Object

    The text object is a vector graphic that consited of several character strings.

  • Path Object

    The path object is a vector graphic. In StylePix, a path is a sequence of vertices such that each of its vertices there is an edge to the next vertex in the sequence.

  • Group Object

    The group object contains other objects. In addition, the group may contain a other group.


Layers are used in Hornil StylePix to separate different objects of the canvas. Layers are like transparencies stacked on another. Each layer can have different object. In Hornil StylePix, you can manage the layers using the hierachy.


The selection is divided into object selection and region selection. The object selection is to select one or more objects for manipulation. The region selection is part of an image, selected part is highlighted by an animated dashed line. For more details, see the Selections.

Blending Modes

Blending modes are used to determine how two layers are blended into each other.