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New Features

  • Support Wacom tablets. Now you can use a tablet with advanced options of Brush tool like rotation, scaling, scattering and opacity.
  • Support Arabic user interface. Now StylePix Pro support English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Arabic.


  • The quality of Brush tool has been improved.
  • StylePix Pro uses the tablet settings you chose in the system. You can use a tablet more conveniently in a dual-monitor environment then previous version.
  • The quality and features of Line tool has been improved. Now you can use a variety advanced options in Line tool like Brush tool.
  • Improved Select and move tool. You can deselect the object from selected objects using the Control key with Select and Move tool.
  • Moved Zoom tools to Thumbnail and added Snap to grid and Snap to Guides in View tools.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs that the text objects did not invalidate when you change the alignment of paragraph using Select and Move tool.
  • Fixed bugs that the context menus did not work in text input.
  • Fixed bugs that the batch process did not work when you select the output path to “Sub-folder”.
  • Fixed tablet bugs that pressure levels were sometimes incorrect.
  • Fixed bugs that images can not be identified when the canvas size was reduced with grid.
  • Fixed bugs that the range of some filters were calculated incorrectly.



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