Mar 8, 2011, Posted by webmaster @ 3:39 AM

StylePix 1.7.0 Splash


  • New Features
    • Added a preset combobox in 'New Image' dialog.
    • Added a region status box in Status bar. Region status is appeared next to 'R:'.
  • Improvements
    • Changed Library structure. Existing presets are also available. But you will move the preset file to folder that has same name to preset file.
    • Improvements that apperance of focuced controllers.
    • Changed the default value of distance for Brush tool. The default value of distance is 25.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed color problems with mouse move in Color dialog.
    • Fixed bugs the color is changed into previous color after 'Undo' command in Shape tool.
    • Fixed a bug the process does not shut down on a specific operating system.
    • Fixed a bug the batch process does not work after one operation.


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