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Hornil StylePix 1.3.2 available for download now for Windows platform.

You must first uninstall the Hornil StylePix that is already on your system.

New Features

  •  Added auto scrolling feature when the selected objects and region selection are located outside the canvas area.
  • Added to create a straight line features using Shift key.


  • Improvements the icon view: icon's colors are reversed when you difficult to disingush the icon.
  • Improvements the action list: Added first action item. Therefore, the first action can be undo.
  • When you select the background layer, it will not be turn off the selection when it is selected.
  • Configuration file has changed location.
  • Improvements the text tool more reliably.
  • Improvements the status's infomation of region selection.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs that the status of the guide is not represented.
  • Fixed bugs that the selecting the layers with shift key in hierarchy does not work.
  • Fixed bugs that the text object is trembled when changing text size.
  • Fixed bugs that the the active item is not appeared in list.
  • Fixed bugs that the scrollbar does not appear in action list.
  • Fixed noise problem in drawing the circle as a image type.
  • Fixed undo/redo bugs in layer transform.
  • Fixed group align is not worked.
  • Fixed bugs the selected layer has changed position when applying the filter.
  • Fixed bugs the ruler skin does not changed Immediately when changing the skin.
  • Added blending combobox in shape tool option window
  • Fixed bugs that current status of tool is not appear in the edit tool window when you revet to tool using esc key.

Hornil StylePix 1.3.2 is available for download now from



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