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Eine Auswahl wichtiger Programme auf einem USB-Stick lauffähig mitsich zu führen, ist in den letzten Jahren immer populärer geworden. Dabei finden sich nahezu für jede Aufgabenstellung leistungsfähige "portable" Programmversionen. Neu unter den portablen [ Read more ]





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toltin @ 09-07-13 06:39
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A selection of major programs on a USB stick to run mitsich lead, in recent years become ever more popular. It can be found for almost any task powerful "portable" versions. New to the portable image correction program is freeware StylePix. This comprehensive tool brings all current correction and image editing options with the genre of popular representatives are known. Nachregulieren of brightness, contrast and color here is just as obviously available as various pencil, drawing, text and selection tools.