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We have every reason to be happy, especially for the opportunity to do new things, so let’s have a positive attitude at all times, Happiness for 2013!



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I definitely agree. Instead of making people wait for some arbitrary approval process (i.e. whenever the blogger logs on, they’ll approve all comments at once) which stifles the conversation, create a comments policy that says you, as the blog owner, have the right to edit or remove offensive comments, blah, blah, 
카지노사이트 @ 21-05-04 13:55
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I mean think about it, if you are approving comments before they post, how many times have you had to delete a comment? Usually only when someone repeats one because theirs didn’t appear and they didn’t realize you had it set up for approvals!
카지노사이트 @ 21-05-04 13:56
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However, playing nice gets you everywhere on our blog. All it takes is one approved comment to get carte blanche commenting with no moderation. We do keep an eye out, and we do revoke that honor if it’s abused, but we’ve only had to do it once.
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