Jul 1, 2011, Posted by webmaster @ 6:17 AM

If you have enabled Aero in Windows 7 or Vista, the window will also have rounded corners. This tutorial describes method of capturing and removing the background wallpaper of rounded corners of the window.

  1. To capture a screen shot of the active window or dialog box, press ALT + Print Screen.
  2. Open Hornil StylePix Pro.
  3. Go to the File Menu and choose Open From > Clipboard (Ctrl + Shift + V).
  4. To apply a rounding style
    1. Select Select And Move tool(S) and choose the Tool tab in Tool Options and choose the Style tab.
      or select Style tool in Edit Tools.
    2. Click the Add button and choose Rounding.
    3. Change the width of round style.
  5. Go to the File Menu and choose Save (Ctrl + S).
  6. Type a file name for the image and select a file type.
  7. Click the Save button.


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