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This post explain the more easy solution for making the Lomo Effect in Hornil StylePix than "How to create a Lomo Effect in Hornil StylePix".

First you prepare a photo you want to edit. I have prepared a following picture from  morgueFile.



1. Open the image you want to edit in Hornil StylePix.

Command: File > Open (Shortcut: Ctrl + O)
"If you have a big picture, reduce image size for faster working"
2. Create a new layer.
Command:  Object > New Image Layer (Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + N)


3. Choose the Gradation Fill tool.

Command: Edit > Tool > Gradation Fill (Shortcut: G)
  • Change the foreground and background colors to default (Shortcut: X)
  • Choose the "Foreground to Background" preset in Preset Tab.
  • Check the "Reverse" check box in Attributes tab.


4. Fills a gradation.

To fill a gradation, click left mouse button and drag until it meets corner of picture like above screenshot.


5. Change the blending mode to "Linear Burn"

You can change the blending mode of layer using combo box in Hierarchy window. And adjust the opacity of layer.


All work is complete. The final results are as following:


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