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Today I will talk about how to create a Lomo effect in Hornil StylePix.

First you prepare a photo you want to edit. I have prepared a following picture from morgueFile. (more free pictures..)




"Lomo pictures are open saturated colors and darkening around the edges of the photo."


1. Open the image you want to edit in Hornil StylePix

Command: File > Open (Shortcut: Ctrl + O)

"If you have a big picture, reduce image size for faster working"


2. Choose the Select Circular Region tool

Command: File > Edit > Tool > Shape Region > Circle (Shortcut: Shift + M) 

Adjust the softness value to 150 pixel before creating a region.

"The softness value determines a selecting region is how to soft. If the picture size is smaller than this example, it should give more smaller value."

Creating a region with a softness


3. Invert a selecting region

Press the Invert button in Region Modification Panel.

Invert a region


4. Create a new layer to copy and paste the selection.

Command: Edit > Copy (Shortcut: Ctrl + C), Edit > Paste (Shortcut: Ctrl + V)

Create a new layer to copy and paste the selection


5.  Create a Dark picture using Level filter.

Command: Filter > Color > Level (Shortcut: F9, Color > Level )

Adjust options

  •  Input Levels: 62, 0.68, 255 
  •  Output Levels: 0, 197

You must press the "Ok" button after adjusting the options.


All work is complete. Here is a result picture.



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