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You can adjust brush size and brush's edge size in three ways

  1. Using preview window
  2. Using brush option pannel
  3. Using short-cut ( [, ] ) keys

1. Using preview window

By click and dragging the preview window, you can adjust brush size and brush's edge size.

Adjusting Brush size

To adjust brush's size click Left mouse button and drag until it meets size you want.

Adjusting brush's edge size

To adjust Brush's edge size click the preview window with Right mouse button and drag to center until it meets brush's edge size you want.

2. Using Brush option panel

You can also adjust brush's size and edge size with brush's option panel.

3. Using Short cut keys

There are short-cut keys for adjust brush's size and edge size.

  • Increase brush size: ]  (Shift + ] Increase it by 1 pixels)
  • Decrease brush size: [ (Shift + [ Decrease it by 1 pixels)
  • Increase brush's edge size: Ctrl + ]  (Ctrl+Shift + ] Increase it by 10 pixels)
  • Decrease brush's edge size: Ctrl + [ (Ctrl+Shift + [ Decrease it by 10 pixels)



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