Jul 11, 2009, Posted by webmaster @ 10:02 PM

Hi~ Is Hornil StylePix useful for you?

It's under beta test now, so It may have many bugs. Sorry.

We ask your opinion that will improve StylePix.

Please feel free to comment on how we can improve Hornil StylePix. or send e-mail(support@hornil.com) to us.

We will do our best to build a good software. Thank you.



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Hoon @ 09-09-02 12:41
I'm a programmer, sometimes I need to draw my program's icons and cursors by myself. so I wonder the StylePix could open and save .ico and .cur files.
webmaster @ 09-09-02 12:57
Thank you for your opinion. We have a plan to support .ico and .cur files after several release.
ammonite @ 09-10-29 16:51
Thank for your great software. I'm using it for image composting, but I think that will be better if StylePix have masking features like layer mask, quick mask, Alpha channel. Sorry if they are locate somewhere but I cant find anything similar.
webmaster @ 09-10-29 20:41
Hi ammonite. Thank you for using Hornil StylePix. The masking features will be included in Hornil StylePix Pro. Sorry, but current version has not this features.
jvitello @ 09-11-18 01:50
This seems to be an easy program to use. I will continue to try it out. I cannot open a PDF file. Will it allow editing PDF files? Thanks.
webmaster @ 09-11-18 20:18
Thank you for your interest. PDF files will be supported in the future.
jvitello @ 09-11-21 02:22
The ruler option is in millimeters. Any chance to offer inches as a choice, since pictures in USA are done in inches still. Thanks
webmaster @ 09-11-22 19:37
The ruler is displayed in pixels. The other options you pointed out have not yet decided whether to add the program.
qwak @ 09-11-26 18:57
I can't open the tool options panel. I don't know why. It first opens well and then... it disappears. I need it to use the program properly. Can you help?

Another thing I am missing is that when using the Action List panel to go back in my actions it will stop in the first action made, but there is not a line to return to the first image, you have to go up and click the back arrow. Not that important but since I am very used to it by other programs I would appreciate that function.

webmaster @ 09-11-26 20:28
Hi qwak, You can show the tool options panel by press F3 or select the View > Window > Tool Options in menu.

As for the bugs you pointed out, please give us a couple of weeks because we will certainly fix them when we release the next version.
qwak @ 09-11-27 01:37
No, they stop working both F3 and View-Window-Tool Options. I had tried that of course.

I am also finding that when I save a JPG image it loses too much quality when choosing 80% quality, even 90%, and it doesn't shrink the weight of the image, remains too heavy.

I also need a "Save with preview" option.

webmaster @ 09-11-28 14:06
try Window > Reset Layout.

JPG option is different from PhotoShop. And quality issues will improve in the future.
ClarkJeff @ 09-12-24 07:57
I was looking for a light-footprint editor to replace my PaintShopPro.  This is an excellent program!  I've read reviews that said I can straighten pictures (incremental rotate) with it, but can't figure out how.  Thanks!
webmaster @ 09-12-26 02:18
You may convert your open image to image-object by selecting Object->Convert to Image menu. And now you may rotate it with select tool. (you may zoom out the screen to see rotate control handles.)
But, I know that's not easy way for you. We will include straighten function within next release of StylePix.
ezlovr1a @ 10-01-04 13:25
I would like to see different fonts enabled easily along with colors for the fonts to be quickly found on the tools menu or another place.  Excuse me if it is located somewhere else I don't know about.
webmaster @ 10-01-07 18:55
You can see the font list on tools options with Text tool.
gaz @ 10-03-07 00:11
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Would be nice if the shapes could be given graduated fills, if this can be done it is not apparent
but will keep using nice and lightweight
Oliver @ 10-10-07 04:47
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Thanks for a great program.

I'm looking forward to the Pro version.

However, here's some things I'd like to see.

- customizable hotkeys
- custom settings (in options) for which toolbars you'd like to have in fullscreen. Currently, none show unless you manually select them from the View menu. And then they aren't saved when you exit fullscreen.
- Please rename Hierarchy -> Layers and Action List -> History for consistency with other similar programs
- When I undock the right side panels to float, I'd like them to 'snap' together when they are placed near one another. In adddition, I'd like them to intelligently shift position when you expand/collapse an adjacent panel.
- Could Tool Options intelligently reflow it's content if you make it a horizontal panel, like in Fireworks? This would be much more useful and work similarly to comparable programs. I'd also like the option to autohide/show panels on mouseover
- I think the Filter List should be a separate panel just like Browse, Tool & Batch
- I'd like a Color panel (not a popup) where you could create a custom palette
- I'd like to see better tools for patching photos and/or rubber stamp tools
- I'd like to be able to quick-adjust brush sizes using CTRL+mousewheel (or ALT, or SHIFT) -> this goes along with customizable hotkeys.
- More transform options - scale, skew, distort
- Icons for tools that have multiple options (Shape tool, for instance) should be indicated with a down-arrow (or something like that)
- I'd prefer to have a tool cycle through the options, ie: pressing H repeatedly to cycle through the various shape options as opposed to have to hit shift-H to do so

Thanks again for such a wonderful program. I can't wait to be able to buy the Pro version!


That's all I can think of for now.
ronl2k @ 11-11-03 04:38
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Adding support for Photoshop PSD files would be a great improvement.
FredThompson @ 13-06-20 00:43
Would you please add an option to the Spray tool so it functions as a color replacer? It should replace the background color with the foreground color. There should be a way to change only the chroma component of the background color without any change to the luminence. It should also support a configuration for variance from the background color.
OldRadioGuy @ 13-12-22 11:41
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StylePix appears to have lots of potential. A killer for photographers though is the lack of image EXIF information displayed. In fact, in a save-as-JPEG test I did, it eliminated the EXIF data from the newly-saved file.