Nov 1, 2011, Posted by Craray @ 10:05 PM

Is there an easy way to slice pictures into pieces (which are remembered by the tspfile) to export for use in websites?

Right now I'm using the rulers with the snap option after which I crop/undo till I have all the parts.


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webmaster @ 11-11-01 22:43
Export feature is not supported but you can slice pictures as follows.

1. Select the scene in Hierarchy window.( The top object in Hierarchy )
2. Ctrl + C
3. Ctrl + Shift + V
Craray @ 11-11-02 05:22
Thank you for your quick reply!

I think I haven't explained myself well (Or I'm not understanding your answer:))

I want to cut a drawing into pieces nomatter what's in which layer,
and save these pieces into different files to use them in html.

I have drawn a simple example (my sites don't actually look like this:p)
I want to cut the upper site like this.
Each red square has to become a different jpg file.
These zones should be remembered in case I decide to make an adaptation at some point (maybe change the banner or buttons) in order to avoid distortions

At the moment I use the rulers which can do this job just fine,
but it's time consuming.

I used to use a program (not making publicity:)) which had an option that lets you make zones in the drawing.
Once finished it saved separate files whenever I exported this drawing.

I'm not complaining that Stylepix doesn't have this option (even if it would be nice for webdesigners:)) but I was wondering if there was an easier workaround.
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