Sep 17, 2011, Posted by Craray @ 4:07 AM

Hi, I currently have a Wacom tablet (A6 size) and it works great with Stylepix.

I was considering however to buy a Hanvon Artmaster 3 (A4 size) (Costs much less as the intuos4 and seems to have better hardware)

Does anyone know if Stylepix supports this tablet?


THanks in advance


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webmaster @ 11-09-20 20:40
Hornil StylePix Pro supports the standard WinTab API. And Hanvon Art Master III supports WinTab driver. Therefore it is compatible with Hornil StylePix Pro.
Craray @ 11-10-07 00:38
Thank you!:)
Craray @ 11-10-17 01:44
I've received the tablet this week.
It's working like a charm!:)
webmaster @ 11-10-17 14:37
That's good.
20171024yuanyuan @ 17-10-24 17:01
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