May 1, 2011, Posted by ander @ 8:08 AM

Hi---StylePix looks great, but I'm having trouble doing something pretty basic. I just want to select part of an image, then drag the selection's handles to resize the selection.

Your Help page says to use the Select and Move tool for this. But when I try to use it, it just draws a box of dotted lines that disappears when I release the mouse button. What am I doing wrong?

Also, a quick suggestion: In your tool settings palettes, it would be great if you would:

   _ Let us press the Tab key to move from one setting to another. Then we wouldn't have to take our hands off of the keyboard to click each setting---much faster.

  _ Include a small "restore" button next to each setting that resets it to the default (usually zero).

Thanks, Ander


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webmaster @ 11-05-01 08:35
Hi thank you for your comment.

You need to Transform tool. Just press Ctrl + T after selecting.
aidan @ 18-03-28 11:49
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Transform tool. press Ctrl + T after selecting.
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xiaoke @ 18-04-03 16:40
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