Dec 15, 2011, Posted by webmaster @ 9:39 AM

The resulting image is here:

You can select a region with lasso tool or brush tool with quick-mask mode. And copy and paste the selected region. Finally, delete the original background.



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yossi @ 11-12-15 10:56
Thank you!

I tried to work with the lasso tool and it does work, but the "fineness" of the border depends on my selection. I thought that there is a way:
(1) either to select a color and to have Stylepix set the border automatically
-or (2) to use the lasso tool for defining a rough edge and have Stylepix track the border of the image accurately, based on the color difference.

is there any way to do one of the two?

webmaster @ 11-12-15 10:59
Try after change the Softness value to 3 or 4.
yossi @ 11-12-15 13:45
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Thank you!