Feb 11, 2017, Posted by Sergio @ 1:29 AM

Hello, Hornil Team!

First of all, I'd like to thank you for your great software! StylePix Pro is really cool.
But it'll be the best image editor if you add some more features (I think, that many of designers all over the world agree with me ;-)
So, what we need?
- Quick color picker command for choose colors (hold a CTRL key, for example). Because D key rushing is really annoying!!!
- More advance Transform tool with lattice and perspective deformations.
- Also we need a set of Shapes and Paths actions (Add, Substarct, Intersect, Combine)
- SVG support
- Custom hotkeys editor.

That's all. Please, upgrade StylePix Pro and you'll kill the Big Bad Photoshop ;-)


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