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If you associate a filetype with with hornil viewer it must to launch with that image on screen. In other mention, if you pass an image name with path as the first parameter to a viewer software, it is expecto to view it : )  That's how it works guys. You made a great viewer straight and simple and forgot to add main viewer function.

And some other details maybe you'll get intrested.

I'm gui designer, half of my job is graphics design and other half is programming. Beside of many complex design tasks, when it comes to image viewer a simple and straight one is always preferred. Not only me, nearly all my friends use irfanview because it does it's job straight. Functions doesn't make sense. There are alternatives with million features out there but all designers and programmers around me look for same thing. Viewer must be viewer. Ok make it easy and let's share some feedback.

The reasons why I choose hornil out of 35 - 40 viewer I tested

  • Do not install hundreds of files even single file enough to run
  • Can be used semi portable (run without install but settings under appdata)
  • Display transparent areas as checker pattern
  • Clicking on somewhere of image zooms that area in 100% and you can drag zoomed view.
  • Simple and plain interface.

What's missing in critical (must to list for a viewer)

  • Do not accept file association. You associate and it opens browser instead of viewer. And do not open in file path. Short way of expressing, do not accept any parameter on lanch.
  • Doesn't display file size in easy way like in title bar or staus bar. Note in here, status bar displays size but doesn't update when you move next image. Keeps showing size of first image launched. Can be considered as bug.
  • Doesn't preserve "fit to window" status. If you zoom an image, in the next image it displays with that zoom level instead of fitting to window. Images differs, viewer needs to view complete ; )
  • Option to "allow only one instance of program" to let people scan images randomly with just clicking over windows explorer.

What's missing as optional (consider as wish list)

  • Association with different icons (jpg, png, tif etc. to have different icons preferably with extension name "jpg" etc on icon
  • Drag and drop another image over currently opened image, switches to new image. You need to drag over title bar now.
  • Support for SVG (industry standart) and maybe EPS if it will not bloat software size.

I will not bloat the topic via writing more. Hope those will be helpfull


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