Dec 9, 2012, Posted by Hank Friedman @ 3:06 PM

Could you please add the option to always default to a particular file format?

Or at least remember the last format used?

When I create or modify an image, it always tries to save as a .tsp file, instead of the .jpg I always use.


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webmaster @ 12-12-10 03:29
This feature will be added to the next version.
bleduc1 @ 13-02-16 15:16
I would like to make a suggestion to improve an issue that keeps standing in my way, and then explain the problems with it.

Please change the way the layers operate. Rather than being able to select which ever one is in front of the cursor, please allow a layer to only be selected if the object is highlighted in the layers palette.


A. It makes it very hard to select the layer I want because others can range with large areas that end up being selected instead.

B. It saves time from locking all other layers.

C. If I'm zoomed in to where I want a copied object to appear, pasting it will place it on top of where the original was (which is good). The problem with the layers is I would have to scroll or zoom out to get it. But if it only takes the layer in the layers palette to be selected, then I can just click and drag the object by selecting and dragging emptiness without having to zoom out or scroll.

D. Layers would merge by themselves. Having a boundy box open and then pasting an object from the clipboard will create two selection boxes, and then merge the two layers.

Sorry if I seemed to go on. Aside from this issue, I love the program, and it is totally worth being mentioned by my watch. I really hope this issue is improved, because I prefer this software over many others. Please keep me updated to any changes.
seokjin49 @ 13-02-17 03:32
wow.. i thought about the same things but just didn't mention.. i agree.
webmaster @ 13-02-18 05:02
Thank you for your suggestion. We will try to support the features you suggested.
20171128yuanyuan @ 17-11-28 15:57
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