Aug 20, 2011, Posted by ddbivens @ 7:11 AM

I have saved many PNG graphic files that have elements such as a back ground of white, colored shapes, graphics, text elements (some multilayer) that end up as the final product. So far, when I open these PNG graphics in StylePix, I can see the base layer as the total graphic and I can't find any of the other elements in the graphic. Can the elements in a PNG graphic be brought in as separate layers in the StylePix graphic program? Can I send you some sample PNG graphics (and a flattened jpg graphic showing the elements layered)? Thank you for such a fine program. This program is amazing and if it was able to handle the PNG graphics, it would be my choice, hands down!!!


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webmaster @ 11-08-20 21:02
If you want to save all the information of elements save in the TSP format.
And, if necessary, save in another format.
aa @ 18-04-19 10:34
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