May 30, 2011, Posted by Noorashegh @ 11:55 PM


I thank you very much for the StylePix.It is a very nice and cool image editor.

I was using Photoshop already and at now i use Gimp.when i found stylepix, i liked it and i've started to use it.

StylePix has a very good Text tool but

I am a persian and my language is farsi(like arabic).

Our words is sticking together and are from right to left .(like this:


When i write farsi in text tool ,characters are seperated and left to right.(like this:

م ا ل س)

I attached a picture that show this problem.

Is a way to solve this Problem?

thanks for your attention.


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webmaster @ 11-05-31 00:49
Currently Hornil StylePix doesn't support arabic and farsi.

But don't be too discouraged.

We have a plan to support arabic or farsi languages, but don't have a firm date yet.

Noorashegh @ 11-05-31 02:26
Thank you.i wait for this version.
webmaster @ 11-07-21 04:37
This feature will be added in next version.
20171128yuanyuan @ 17-11-28 15:47
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riya @ 18-02-18 04:52
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