Mar 11, 2014, Posted by Gerry @ 11:44 PM

OK. Well, I've been through all my Windows display settings and tried making the fonts smaller for all the items, including menus, dialogues, etc. This had no effect on the appearance of the StylePix status bar, however. Those adjustments made the fonts in all my other programs much too small, so I've now reverted to my usual settings. The Windows system font defaults to 9 points, and I'm also using the recommended display resolution of 100% to ensure that Windows dialogue boxes will fit the screen, so the fonts have always been rather small system-wide.

It's odd, because my usual settings work just fine in other areas of StylePix. The status bar is the only exception, but I guess I'll just have to live with it. Since precise image cropping is awkward when I can't read the screen coordinates, I'm relying on the rulers to guide me in that.

Anyway, thanks for your quick reply!


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Thank you for your feedback. We will check this problem with a status bar.
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