Mar 11, 2014, Posted by Gerry @ 8:48 AM

On my system (Netbook, Windows 7, screen size 1024x600) the status bar contains too much data, and the font on the bar is too large, so that the data overlaps, making most of it unreadable. Also, for some unknown reason all of the content of the status bar seems to be shifted to the right, putting some of the data beyond the right-hand edge. This happens 100% of the time when I use StylePix.

I have attached a screenshot to illustrate my problem.

Here are a few suggestions for steps to help solve it:

(1) Users could be allowed to choose a font size suitable for the content on the status bar.

(2) There could be an option to select or deselect the items to be displayed on the status bar.

(3) A tooltip that pops up to show the full content of an item when the mouse hovers over it would be very helpful.

Otherwise, thanks for a very useful program!


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yan @ 17-08-29 11:21
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