Apr 14, 2010, Posted by Ezio @ 4:15 AM

Win7 - latest download

I open a new file - background transparency

I fill all image with a colour, then I paint a simple O by hand in black

After that I go to Filter menu and I choose Morphological - Erosion (minimum)

then I need to UNDO - so in the menu Edit I choose and click on UNDO

nothing happens

So I click on that menu 3 or 4 times and nothing happens

but if I go away - the filter list desappears from my left too - , selecting a pencil, then the image is void, blank, as it was when opened as a new file...



The bug is the same when you use a filter of your choice, if you click on OK or cancel, you can do your undo simply and in a viewable mode. Otherwise your undo is working but in a hiding mode and you don't know what happening. Maybe the better way is to use the UNDO and to render the exact image in that moment.


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webmaster @ 10-04-14 12:37
Thank you for your bug reporting. The undo is actually working, but it looks like not working in filter list. Currently the undo feature doesn't work in filter list. So previous painting you drawn was deleted by undoing. You can cancel the filter applying using 'cancel' button on bottom panel in filter list.