Aug 27, 2010, Posted by Krovit @ 3:55 PM


In version 1.6x (1.3x but not in) the toolbar (left of the screen) does not contain all the elements.For example, missing key to the text (T).
Text formatting is laborious and can not figure out how to change the color: is there a bug?
When you are unable to activate the text with every step you create a new layer! This is not good.
Also not always possible to remove unnecessary layers ... Or at least it is not clear how.

The program promises, but perhaps the authors should improve a little. Should eventually be better than what I consider its direct competitor is Photofiltre.

Anyway thanks for everything. I will continue to check for updates.

Sorry for my rudimentary English.


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krovit @ 10-08-27 16:02
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Sorry, I add a note.
I realize now that when you exit the program remains running in the background.
This is visible to ProcessExplorer
If you run the program 10 times and close, are running 10 versions of the program (and are not recoverable)!

I use XP with SP3
webmaster @ 10-08-27 16:22
Strange indeed!
You are recommended to remove the program and reinstall.
Currently the toolbar seems to work normally.
If the problem occurs again after completely reinstall, continue to tell us.