Aug 13, 2010, Posted by Bojan Volcansek @ 2:23 AM

Dear Hornil brothers,
thank you so much for offering such a nice tool for free - and most amazingly:
- no install needed - unzip and work
- so small - PERFECT.

while browsing your site (also quite nice site - especially I like Company page) noticed that on the page:
if you click on
? Compare Hornil StylePix and Hornil StylePix Pro
(link url:
it will display page not existing.

However your other links for comparison correctly points to existing page:

perhaps this might help you fix it.


ps. I have also tried to submit this using Contact Form for website and got the same:

Sorry this page does not exist error :(


With best wishes,
Sincerely yours


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webmaster @ 10-08-13 04:47
Thank you for letting us know about the link problem.
We have solved problem with your help. :)