Apr 21, 2010, Posted by Ezio @ 6:00 AM

As shown in my screenshot you can see some photos of mine in a folder in which there are JPEG files with the StylePix icons and some without it.

I've wondered why this problem and I've found out that the unique difference between a SP iconized file and a not-SP iconized file was the lenght and the width of those saved JPG files, exactly they have got a format of 4000 x 3000 instead of the rest "of the world" in my folder with a "lighter" format...

I don't know if it is that difference the bug I continue to see but up to now that seems to me the real problem.

If needed and if you can write to me what to do, I can investigate...


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webmaster @ 10-04-21 07:31
That's strange. I will find the bugs.
Ezio @ 10-04-22 01:36
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Just reistalled
files not editable directly by OS in SP

JPG now can be opened by a simple Windows Photo Viewer
if I need to edit it I can choose in the context menu StylePix

in Folder all files have the window native icons now
also if I open a folder from SP

In this case all seems ok
maybe it could be a problem of Windows 7 - updated this early morning

if the problem is again active I'll post here, how and when
- I'll monitor this problem when and if it might appear