Apr 18, 2010, Posted by Ezio @ 8:33 PM

I have attached a file in which you can see a simple (very good) skin that I like very much in StylePix and behind the StylePix window a simple skin of a browser in which you can see a more readable command bar.

The problem isn't the beauty or colours of icons. I like very much the SP icons, well identifiable and very light. The problem is the double colour as when you use a pc for a lot of hours the bar is not well viewable and it is better to use an unique colour like that browser shows.

The problem is more critic if you see SP in a HR monitor, more difficult to see icons with that double colours.

I have to say that it isn't a real bug but a simple problem of accessibility for whom using SP. Maybe there is already a good solution for that skins but I posted this message only when I haven't found out any solution and sorry if this is the case.


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webmaster @ 10-04-21 07:43
Thank you for your kind comments.
We will improve the skin features after securing the stability of the product.
Ezio @ 10-04-22 01:59
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Thank you very, a more readable skin is very important. It isn't so important to see some 3D effect like two-colours effect when you use for a long time a pc.

I'd like to thank you for using for free your good product!